Owner/Executive Chef
Chef and owner, Robyn Goorevitch, began her culinary journey alongside her mother, who worked as a nutritionist. Growing up in a large family, dinner time was a favourite time to get together, discuss the day’s events and eat a nutritious and balanced meal – missing dinner was unheard of! Meals, family and friends became ingrained in Robyn’s character and, after leaving home, dinner time would find her table filled with friends, family and co-workers who couldn’t wait to try Robyn’s latest gourmet culinary creations.
Robyn started her first restaurant job at age 15. Little did she know this would lead to a life long career in the food and service industry. Over time, she worked at various restaurants across Canada and Europe learning different cuisines and culinary techniques. Making desserts at one restaurant led to the opening of Robyn’s first catering company, where she sold desserts to other restaurants in the area.
In 1990, Robyn moved to Grand Cayman where she worked with German and Swiss chefs. During storm season, she learned how to improvise with what was on hand when shipments weren’t able to dock. The meals were still nutritious and delicious and no one was the wiser.
Returning to Canada, she attended George Brown University and Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School. The accumulation of 20 years of hands-on experience, formal education and her passion for cooking led to the opening of Robyn’s personal chef and catering business, Dining In Chez Vous.
Since then, her accomplishments have been well recognized. Robyn was named Personal Chef of the Year at the 2009 USPCA conference. She was honoured for not only being outstanding among her peers as a chef and entrepreneur, but as a mentor to other chefs. She was the first Canadian to receive this prestigious award.
Robyn is also a certified Food Safety Trainer with the National Food Safety Program. She holds herself and her team to the highest food safety standards, while creating sensational dishes you and your guests can indulge in.
Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner for 2 or a gathering for up to 150, Chef Robyn and  Dining In Chez Vous will truly turn your home into your favourite restaurant!